12 Volt Solutions Inc. in a remarkably short time has developed the distribution of several brands of consumer automotive electronic products that have customers coming back due to the high quality and reliability of our products, the timely logistics of delivering, and the outstanding customer servicesupport that no one else in the Industry can compare.

We are confident we offer competitive pricing that our competitors can’t match.As we have now launched our National Distribution Program on most of our products across the Canadian Provinces, 12 Volt Solutions Inc.is truly becoming the leader in the Canadian distribution of auto electronics.


Satisfy all customers with quality products and provide superior customer support


Develop business relationships with companies that project business in a positive light. We will dedicate ourselves adding new products and keeping up with new technology as we grow. Our customers will dictate the success of our product lines through understanding the needs and desires of the consumers. We always offer the greatest value, to ensure the improvement of quality of life for our customer.